10 Top Places to Visit in Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu is a union territory of India, which comprises two widely separated districts on the country’s western coast of the Arabian Sea. Daman is situated on the state of Gujarat’s southern coast, 160 km north of Mumbai and the Daman Ganga River flows through the coastal town of it. Whereas Diu is a small island and mainland village.

10 Top Places to Visit in Daman and Diu

1.      INS Khukri Memorial – INS Khukri Memorial; is dedicated to the memorial site of INS Khukri the Indian Naval Ship that sank during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. This submarine was destroyed on 9th Dec 1971 when torpedo shots were fired on it. At the time of sinking the ship 40 nautical miles off the coast of Diu, there were 18 officers and 176 sailors on board. This memorial was set up to commemorate the brave martyrs i.e the commanding Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla and his men in Diu.  Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra.

2.      Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple –Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is situated in Fudam village 3 km from Diu Bus Station. Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and believed to have been built by the Pandavas. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is famous for its five Shiva Lingas, i.e. rocks in the shape of Lord Shiva.  Since these rocks at present in the middle of the sea, not visible from the shore.

3.      Naida Caves –Naida caves which were constructed by the Portuguese are located outside the city wall of the Diu Fort. These Caves are a group of interlinked caves situated only a short distance away from the Diu.  Interestingly, these caves which are yet to be fully explored.  It has a natural opening that lets in sunlight. During Operation Vijay conducted against those Portuguese who were not ready to leave Diu, the Indian Army and several soldiers were stationed at the Naida Caves.

4.      St. Paul Church –St. Paul Church is situated in Diu, and it is the largest and one of the three functioning churches in Diu built by the Portuguese.  It is renowned all over the world for its architecture and considered one of the best examples of baroque artistic style in India.  This church is dedicated to Lady of Immaculate Conception and its construction was completed in 1601 AD.

5.      Zampa Gateway –Diu being an erstwhile Portuguese colony it has many monuments and architectures that refected their typical style.  Hence, there are many Monuments and forts in Diu, the most prominent one being the Zampa Gateway in Diu.  It is an important historical place in Diu. It is a major landmark of Diu hemming in the Northern part of the city.  This is a landmark among the forts and monuments in Diu.

6.      Diu Museum –Diu Museum is a famous tourist spot in the town. It has been set up in the St. Thomas Church which was built in 1598 but was later converted into a museum. This museum is famous for its stone inscriptions of ancient rulers, antique statues, wood carvings, multi-colored fountains and idols showcasing the rich cultural past of the region.

7.      Shell Museums –Shell museum in Diu is one of the few shell museums in the world.  This is the first shell museum of Asia hence, it sees visitors from all over the world. This museum is located 6 km from Diu on the Nagoa road. Diu Museum houses the collections of Captain Fulbari, a sailor, who during his voyages collected many unique, pretty and amazing shells.  Besides, the shells, there are many books are talking about the history of the seashells.

8.      Dinosaur Park – Dinosaur Park is in Diu and it is still under construction.  It is poised to be an innovative theme park for kids.  It has two huge statues of dinosaurs and this park is equipped with dinosaur theme slides and a few more rides. This park has a nice lane for solitary walks and it is nearby there is a temple too.

9.      Chakratirth Beach – This serene and beautiful Chakratirth beach is situated adjacent to Diu town which nestled amidst the picturesque hills meeting the Arabian Sea.  This beach is significant in Hindu mythology for being the site of the beheading of the demon Jalandhar by Lord Krishna.  It is an ideal place to frolicking in the enchanting waters. There is an open-air auditorium with changing rooms available at the hillock.

10.    Nagoa Beach –Nagoa beach is in the Nagoa hamlet of Bucharwada village and it is well connected with the resorts here. Hence, it is making it easy for travelers to relax and explore at the same time. This beach extends over an area of 2 km from one end to the other. It is surrounded by palm trees which creates an exotic environment.  Besides, it is famous for its pristine beauty.

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